TidBITS Talk home page

I reckon’ you should whack a big TidBITS home page button up the top of the TidBITS Talk home page. What say ye?

The Articles link at the top of every TidBITS Talk page takes you to the TidBITS home page:


I guess the wording could be “TidBITS Home”, but that might look funny with the multiple repetitions of “TidBITS” so close to each other. I have to admit, though, that I don’t associate “Articles” with going to the home page, so can understand why you wouldn’t have noticed it.

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@jzw is spot on. We did want a way to link to the main site, but anything with the word “Home” in it feels like it should point to the same site, and anything with the word “TidBITS” in it is just confusing. That’s why we settled on “Articles” and “Issues”—they’re at least accurate, if not entirely obvious.

I’m open to other ideas, though!

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