TidBITS newsletter not arriving after e-mail address change

Hi, Adam. Since I’ve updated my address to which the TidBITS newsletter is sent, the newsletter has stopped arriving.

Following my ISP’s decision to abandon its e-mail service, I checked to see which senders still used my ISP-based address, and only TidBITS was left, so I changed the address (you’ll see it in my membership details), but the newsletter has stopped arriving. I’ve checked the server log on my replacement mail host but there’s not even a record that it was rejected. So I assume something needs resetting at your end. What do you advise?

Hi @mls, Lauri here from TidBITS Support. I will email you about this but it looks like our email to you may have bounced back. Check your inbox for more info. Thanks!

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Thanks, Laurie. It just arrived!