TidBITS Needs Your Support in 2024

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We don’t have deep-pocketed corporate backers, nor do we harvest every last bit of your personal information to sell to advertisers, so would you kick in a few bucks to keep TidBITS vibrant in the next year?

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On the (member) account page, a “Renew” button may help too. At least I don’t see any :)


Thanks for all you do, Adam. I really enjoy all that you publish. I shall happily renew my membership.
All good wishes, Brian.


Hi Peter. You are already a TidBITS member! :smile:

Email me at support@tidbits.com if you would like additional details about your membership. Thanks for you ongoing support!

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I would be happy to stuff a little Hanukkah gelt in your Christmas stocking, but I can’t find a link to do it anymore… I know I did it once, but I’ve looked twice now. I expected to find it from my account.


On the same page you manage/change your membership level, there’s a Boost TidBITS button at the bottom.

Thanks for thinking of us! It’s at the bottom of the Join TidBITS page. Lauri and I are talking soon to see what questions she’s been getting and if there are ways we can tweak the default Paid Memberships Pro pages to be more clear.

In fact, I just realized I could put the Boost TidBITS button at the bottom of the Account page too. :slight_smile:

Wow, that was hard to find, Adam, even after Simon and your responses here. It turns out, I had no idea where my “Account” page was. I presumed that all of this would be available by clicking on my personal image up in the right corner, and following one of the drop-down menu items, that one of them was my account. Don’t know how I managed to “renew” but my Account says I did last April. I guess I currently presumed “Membership” was where potential members go… That and the fact that I virtually never go out to the TidBits Home level anymore. Or maybe I’m a little bit more than the usual Seasonally Distracted just now… ;~}

And now that " TidBITS Member Benefits" reminds me, I don’t know how many Take Control Books I’ve bought since I joined here, but I have no I idea how to take advantage of the discount.

Yeah, it’s a bit confusing.

Your user icon in the upper-right corner of the TidBITS Talk page is for managing your Discourse login, which is separate from the main TidBITS page:

On the main TidBITS page, the user icon in the upper-right corner (red box) is from Wordpress and takes you to your Wordpress account information. You need to click the “Account” link (blue box) in the header section of the main TidBITS page to get to the subscription/donation links:

Interesting. I do not have that user icon, or even the bar that has the user icon near the right side.

For that matter, I don’t have the line above the tabs (on the same level as the Close, Minimize, and Maximize buttons) that starts with TidBITS.

Click on Account for a tidbits.com page. Then the boost button is at the bottom of the page.
Your account icon shows for talk.tidbits.com pages.
If you’re not on Wordpress that’s all you’ll see.

That probably means you’re not logged in to a Wordpress account. That black toolbar (that ends with “Howdy, David C.” for me) is from Wordpress. I assume TidBITS is based on WP, and the toolbar appears because I’m logged in to it.

That may be because I’m using Firefox and I have it configured to present a traditional title bar and not merge the tabs into its space.

@Will_B Sorry for any confusion— as others have said, TidBITS and TidBITS Talk are completely different sites and can’t be harmonized entirely, which is why there’s a TidBITS Home link at the top of all TidBITS Talk pages. Once you’re on the main TidBITS site, you can click Log In if necessary, and then Account once you’re logged in.

When you’re logged in on the main TidBITS site, clicking the Benefits link in the nav bar shows you the necessary link or coupon code for all the discounts. If you’re not logged in, you won’t see it. (The site knows who is a member and who isn’t, and adjusts the display accordingly.)


@Shamino is seeing the black WordPress bar at the top of the main TidBITS site because he has the Contributor role within WordPress, having written an article for TidBITS. No one other than authors and editors will see that.

Thank you; that clears that up.

I also use Firefox, but I have very few changes from the default.

Off-topic. A local grocery store’s weekly brochure no longer displays in Firefox. I complained to the store manager, who called corporate. The person at corporate asked, “What’s Firefox?”

Thanks for letting me know. I see that bar on many other Wordpress-based sites and assumed it shows up here for the same reason I see it elsewhere. Now I know otherwise.

I’ve been using it for so long and have a profile that’s existed and been updated going back probably over 20 years, so I have no idea what the default is.

But if you right-click (or ctrl-click) in the toolbar and select “Customize Toolbar…”, you will see a box at the bottom of the customization page a checkbox to turn the title bar on and off:

If you disable the title bar, then the tabs are moved into the space that the bar would otherwise have occupied. I leave it on, so I can always see the full title for the currently-visible page/tab, no matter how many tabs may be open at the time.

Yes, I do.

Okay. It seems like a trade-off between seeing that information and giving up a bit of screen real estate. Even though I’m on a big screen now, I’m still reluctant to give up window area, and I can see the full title by hovering on the tab (whether or not the tab is active). On a laptop screen, I think I would definitely choose not to turn the title bar on.

I’ll ponder this. Thank you for the detailed instructions and information (on this topic and so many others).