TidBITS as the 'paper of record' for the Apple community

In a testament to TidBITS’s values and quality, Apple is now using a 2007 TidBITS post as a reference in its arguments against proposed US legislation. I think this nicely demonstrates a few of the things that, for me, make TidBITS the bedrock of Apple news and information over many years, and why it’s the publication I’m most loyal too. In particular this highlight some core values:

  • deciding what to publish based on significance and interest rather than volume or ‘being first’
  • the benefit of the article archive
  • the importance of maintaining URLs over time and platform migrations

In any case, I want to congratulate the TidBITS team for being unofficially recognised as the ‘paper of record’ for Apple news and information. :grin:


Steve and Adam, two of the smartest guys in the Apple world :wink:


Ironic that TidBITS filled in a gap (permalink) that Apple should have provided, and then ended up needing.

I hope at least a few of them signed up for subscriptions :smiley:


Thanks so much for the kind words. Given that this was 14 years ago, I can’t quite remember how it was we knew that there wasn’t going to be a permalink for that letter—perhaps it was just on the Apple home page? But it seemed important, and I’m glad we thought to record it for posterity. I wonder if the Wayback Machine would have had it too?


Seems like the Wayback Machine does have it:

[Apple - Hot News]

In any case, congratulations! Fully concur with @jzw about quality over quantity and speed, and archiving articles properly.