TidBITS 2021 Holiday Hiatus—See You in 2022!

Originally published at: TidBITS 2021 Holiday Hiatus—See You in 2022! - TidBITS

In keeping with our tradition, we’re going to take off the last few weeks of 2021, which this year means slightly larger gatherings with our immediate families and video calls with far-flung relatives. You can expect the next email issue of TidBITS on 10 January 2022. Thanks for reading TidBITS, and we hope our content has enriched your life.


TidBITS is an invaluable source of practical information and advice. Thank you! How can we help to boost awareness and membership? Happy holidays to everyone involved!


Thanks for the kind words, Andrew! Social media links to articles you’ve found particularly helpful and recommendations to Apple-using friends or colleagues are always welcome. It’s all drops in a bucket, but get enough drops, and you have a full bucket. :slight_smile:

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