Thunderbird 115?

I see that Thunderbird 115 has just been released.

It features a major interface redesign. I actually liked Thunderbird’s “old fashioned” design, so I am a bit apprehensive about the new version.

Has anyone tried it yet? Any initial impressions?

I have not done a detailed evaluation.
I ran into a problem with a new email account a couple of months ago (I forget exactly what wasn’t working :neutral_face:) and switched from the normal Thunderbird release to the 115 beta.

It’s OK. Nothing I could not deal with. I don’t use the features touted as major improvements.

I had to reformat some of the email displays to show the Correspondents, Subject, Date, Size, etc. as I wanted. Maybe the regular release will retain those attributes better than the beta?
When you want to attach a file or save a file, the offered file browser keeps track of what you used most recently, which is often not what I want, so I browse to what I do want. (Is that different from before? The display is different.)

I just downloaded the regular release.

Thanks, @kcjw . I went ahead and installed 115 on another machine. As far as “major” interface updates go, this one doesn’t seem like it is so wildly different, though I only use the email part of Thunderbird, not the contact manager or the calendar. So far, I haven’t noticed any problems.

It looks like they’re doing a soft release. I just updated my Thunderbird installation, and the auto-updater bought it up to 102.13.0 and would not go beyond that. But the release notes say:

The getting started article for 115 says:

So it would appear that they’re going to be rolling out the release gradually over “the next several weeks”.

Of course, you can always just download it yourself if you don’t want to wait.

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I’m pretty sure that when I upgraded I read that 115.0 would only be available from the download site and that a subsequent version would auto-update from the app.

Seems at best minimally scriptable, which kills it for me. Same applies to most of the others. It’s a shame.