Three Worthwhile Buy-Back Programs for iPhones

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Should you choose an Apple in-store trade-in when participating in an iPhone buy-back program, or go with a different option? Here’s an overview of some of the top buy-back providers for Apple enthusiasts.

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Another option is to see if your mobile carrier has a trade-in program.

Under normal circumstances, they may not pay more than any other trade-in program, but it can be extremely convenient. Typically, the carrier sends you a pre-paid return box. You mail your phone to them when you receive your new phone and you receive your payment (typically a gift card or statement credit) after they receive and process your phone.

Sometimes, especially if a hot new phone is being promoted, carriers may offer trade-in incentives where they will pay significantly more than market value for an old phone if you buy the phone they are promoting. This is usually the best deal you can get, if you are interested in buying the promoted phone.

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Wonder if I can get anything form my iPhone 5! Got a couple in great shape but I don’t even know if I can find a charger or the cable! :crazy_face:

Last year, I used Apple’s program to trade in my old iPad 3 and my old iPad Mini 3 to help pay for an iPad Mini 5.

Or if the phone is still functional you could give it away to someone who doesn’t need the latest model. A parent might want their kid to have a starter phone to use as a phone, or as a camera, or to play simple games. I’ve given away two older phones using our local “Buy Nothing” group. You can find one near you at There are other online groups that facilitate such donations. Check your local Facebook group. Of course you’ll want to wipe your data first.