The specific languages used in the Mac hello screensaver

I am searching for info on what languages are being used in the hello screensaver. apple says 34, but does not say what the languages are. I am specifically trying to find out what language a specific version of hello is in. google has been a bust. anyone able to help?

The one you are interested looks like cursive Hebrew for “Shalom”. Cursive Hebrew is so different from the printed script that it can be pretty hard to recognize.

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Which one? Could you share an image?

(BTW, I didn’t know about this screen saver until now. It’s a special one intended for use with the new iMacs, but it is bundled with every copy of Big Sur. You just have to play a few games to view it on other model Macs).

I’ll see if I can take some screen shots of them all.

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Here’s the word I am interested in:

My sister-in-law, the Rabbi, just confirmed that it is script Hebrew, Shalom.

I thank you for your help.

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Thanks. That one is Hebrew. As @tom3 wrote, it’s a cursive script, which is a completely different script compared to the block lettering most people are familiar with.

See also Hebrew alphabet - Wikipedia

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It seems to be available on my MacMini M1.

Interesting, on my 2018 Intel mini (running Big Sur), the screen saver was in the /System/Library/Screen Savers folder, but wasn’t available on the Screen Saver preference panel. I copied it to ~/Library/Screen Savers (personal screen savers folder) and renamed it and then it showed up.

I think Apple may be reserving it for M1 Macs.