The size and weight of the Apple smart keyboard folios for iPad

This is so weird. I’m trying to compare keyboard cases for the iPad Pro 11-inch. The Apple site doesn’t say what the size and weight is for their smart keyboard folio cases.

I used the Support app to ask Apple and after they spent a lot of time hunting they couldn’t find it either.

Well, I have one in hand now and see it’s 304 g on my kitchen scale. That’s probably lighter than alternatives, like ones from Logitech. But why doesn’t Apple give the size and weight specs I wonder?

While Apple U.S. support was not able to help me, Apple Japan told me this via their support chat:

11インチiPad Pro(第3世代)・iPad Air(第4世代)用Smart Keyboard Folioの重さでございますが、293gでございます。






Which means it weighs 293 g, and has a length, width, and thickness of about 24.7 cm, 18 cm, and 1.5 cm.

This is what the Amazon listing states though I’ve heard they can be fairly inaccurate.

Technical Details

Product Dimensions 10.12 x 7.52 x 0.91 inches; 1.34 Pounds
Item Weight 1.34 pounds
Manufacturer Apple Computer
Item model number MXNK2LL/A
Date First Available March 18, 2020

That’s definitely not right for the folio keyboard case. Maybe for one of the iPads?

As I said Amazon pages aren’t know for being correct or may include packaging as well in those figurs

I have the Magic Keyboard for the 11" iPad Pro. I weighed it on my kitchen scale. Averaging over several weighings, the weight came to 598 grams, a bit over 1lb, 5 ounces. The reason for most of the weight is that the keyboard section need to serve as a counterweight to the iPad to keep it from tipping over when deployed.

Maybe. Anyway, I weighed it at 304 g on my kitchen scale, while Apple Japan told me it was 293 g. This one also looks interesting, but weighs 574 g. Logitech Combo Touch - iPad Pro Keyboard Case with Trackpad

In my case, going for the lightest one was best.

I have the Logitech on my iPad. My son has the Apple version on his. His is definitely better engineered, lighter and slimmer with a more reliable trackpad. I have to reconnect mine regularly to have it be recognised.

The Logitech is better on the lap or in bed I think and I do like having a full row of function keys.

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