The Macs you've owned over the years

I wish I had kept all my old Macs. Well, actually, I don’t since I traveled a lot and having a lot of stuff to move or keep in storage is always a pain. I got rid of a lot of my stuff over the years to make moving across the globe easier, so in a sense I’m glad I got rid of most of my old Macs. But on a day like this, I do miss them. A lot of them held a special place for me.

Mac 128 — well, duh
Mac 512 – nicer than the 128 and I had gotten some money so whatever
Mac 512e — more of what was already great, but now just really awesome, expensive to me at the time
Mac SE – felt at the time like a new world
Mac SE/30 — upgraded my SE through an Apple upgrade program, to this day one of my all time favorite Macs
Mac IIci — what a daemon and until the PM7300 I felt like a true replacement for this Mac form factor had yet to come
Mac IIfx — it was fast for sure, but quirky and huge and somehow I always still preferred my IIci
Mac IIsi — nice clean shell and I loved the Apple Portrait Monitor I bought along with it, but hella laggy, gosh what a dog
Mac LC I & III — great form factor, nothing like popping the cover off and getting direct access to the few guts, it was slow but cheap (“LC” after all)
Mac Color Classic — this one was fun since it mimicked the original Mac but added neat stuff like a nice color display, if only it hadn’t been such a dog
Mac LC 475 — what made the previous LCs great but now actually really fast too, I really loved this svelte Mac
PowerBook 150 — I thought the world would never be the same when I got my first portable Mac
Quadra 700 — worthy successor to the IIci, later used this as my first “server”
PowerBook Duo 230 and Duo Dock — around this time I was starting to wonder if I could go notebook+dock full-time (as I later learned, that would take another 12 years)
Mac IIvx — not as slow as the vi, but still a cheap feeling box, never warmed up to it
Quadra 950 — holy cow, at the time this felt like a monster
Centris 610 — felt like a modern LC, really liked the new form factor
Performa 630 — inexpensive, but felt like the almost perfect Mac for home use (and later it even got an awesome PPC card that allowed you to preserve the 68040 and switch back and forth between the two)
PowerMac 6100 — PPC yippee, and since I just loved that form factor I had to have it
Macintosh PowerBook 5300cs — it was fat, meh
PowerMac 7300 — for a long time I really enjoyed this Mac, lots of expansion for a desktop, easy to take apart
PowerMac 9500 — felt like the PPC version of the 950, just a beast, and loud
iMac G3 — once again felt like a new world, loved it (but USB 1 sucked for external storage)
PowerMac G3 — I loved the blue case at the time and how easy it was to open and expand, loved FW
PowerBook G3 Wall Street — felt like the greatest portable of them all to me back in the day
PowerBook G4 Titanium — only used this one for a short time, never felt quite as enthusiastic about it as what appeared to be everybody else at the time (the discoloration splotches that appeared after a while really sucked)
iMac G4 — to this day one of my favorite iMac designs, unmatched ergonomics
PowerMac G4 MDD — fast, but loud, even after installing the Apple noise reduction kit, my wife actually made me get rid of this Mac because she could still hear it from across the hallway in another room
PowerMac G5 — water cooling LOL, but it was quiet
Xserve G4 — I remember seeing dozens of these get installed at our department at the time, interesting times, kept one in my basement at home for a while after we had removed them from our racks at work, this was actually my last personal Mac “desktop” hardware, from there on out my use of Mac desktops was always remote through VNC
12" PowerBook G4 — how I loved this compact Mac, it just always ran warm (with a noisy little fan) and lagged the 15" specs by at least one gen
MacBook — this one was fun, I loved the matte black case, its plastic had a really nice grippy feel that reminded me of some of the old PowerBooks
15" MacBook Pro Core Duo — Intel was a huge boost at the time and unibody was awesome, MagSafe was really cool
15" MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo — came out shortly after and this one was noticeably faster
17" MacBook Pro — wowzers, too big
15" Mac Book Pro Core i7 — at the time this was the fastest Mac notebook you could buy and worked well for me, but I also realized I wanted smaller/lighter and an external monitor for desktop use
13" MacBook Pro 2013 — this one lasted me almost 7 years (allowing me to get around the shitty KB era) since its Core i7 was fast, I got it with lots of memory, and I eventually added a super fast SSD (made all the difference in the world — this is where I started hating HDDs)
Mac mini 2015 — purchased this little guy while in Osaka, worked well for me as a home media server and even used it remotely for number crunching when my work Macs were overloaded
13" MacBook Pro 2020 — the last Intel Mac I ever owned, felt like far too little upgrade after 7 years in terms of power, but it was thin and light (and I liked the idea of 4x TB3 to rule them all)
14" MacBook Pro M1 Pro — no longer so thin or light, but holy cow what a beast in terms of CPU power, and the screen and speakers are the best I’ve ever had on a portable Mac, absolutely love it!

These days I only have very few of those left. Most in storage. I bet I missed one or the other in that list. Should have kept receipts. :joy:

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My collection isn’t nearly as robust as some, and I don’t have some of my oldest models. But I have used a few landmark models over the years:

  • SE. Still have it. Still works. And about as tripped-out as you can make one. Internally has two 1.44M floppy drives, a 200M hard drive and a 10M Ethernet interface. It’s been a while since I turned it on, but it worked great a few years ago.

  • IIci. I loved this unit. But at some point it died and would no longer power-on. Has since been recycled. If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve tried to replace the capacitors on the motherboard. But I didn’t even know that was a thing back then.

  • Quadra 840av. My favorite. The fastest 68040 model Apple ever made. Included A/V jacks. I had maxed-out the DRAM and VRAM and had a pretty large HDD in there, along with an aftermarket CD burner and SCSI tape drive. Sadly, like the IIci, one day it just wouldn’t power-on so it ended up getting recycled. Again, had I known then way i know now, I would have re-capped it.

  • Bondi Blue PowerMac G3. The “Smurf”. I gave this one away to a friend after getting my next Mac:

  • PowerMac G4 QuickSilver-2002. Dual 1 GHz PPC G4s. Still works great. If I had enough space in my office, I’d keep it around just so I can play all of my old Mac games (I have yet to try emulation here). Maxed out to 1.5GB RAM, a 2TB HDD, an aftermarket DVD burner, SCSI card and tape drive (FireWire Exabyte VXA-1). I even added a USB 2.0 PCI card, so external peripherals work at reasonable speeds.

    This unit is currently running Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), but if I ever put it back in service, I’ll install 10.4 (Tiger), because that’s the last version to support Classic mode. And I’d restore the System 9.22 as well, in order to run those (very few) apps that don’t work via Classic.

  • iBook G4. I love this thing. Lots of power (for its time), and the polycarbonate shell is very durable. Hasn’t been turned on for a long time, but it worked the last time I tried. Running Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard).

    I would really love it if Apple would resurrect this (admittedly large) form factor with modern internals. Put a Retina display in the lid. Keep the keyboard as-is. Keep the Ethernet jack and DVD burner (yeah, I know) and fill all the remaining empty space with really good speakers and lots of batteries.

  • 2011 Mini server. Dual 750GB HDDs. Currently running macOS Sierra. Powered-off in a closet since I replaced it with my current Mac (a 2018 mini), but a really nice system. Would probably make a nice Linux server. Maybe I’ll set that up some day.

  • 2011 MacBook Air. Base configuration (4GB RAM, 128GB flash), running macOS Sierra. Not very powerful by today’s standards, but it’s good enough for what I use it for, so I’m still using it. But it will be replaced later this year because Firefox ESR will be dropping support for macOS Sierra in August.


Hard to remember them all.

I started my Apple relationship with an Apple 11C - great little machine.

Here’s what I’ve personally had, not sure if chronology is correct.

Colour Classic
Quadra 800
Powerbook 100 (think I still have this somewhere)
PowerBook 5300cs
PowerMac 6100 pizza box
PowerBook G3 Wall Street - sexy machine
PowerBook G4 Titanium - even sexier
Desk Lamp iMac G4 - still have this for novelty value
Multiple versions of 15" MacBook Pros - was my standard machine for years
Several Mac Minis - predominantly as home servers
Current machine is a 14" MacBook Pro M1 Pro - great machine

If I counted machines I’ve used or purchased for work it would include pretty much every model Apple ever made - and some of the clones.


Actually, a fairly small number given the number of years I’ve been a Mac user. I get lots of mileage out of them.
Mac IIcx (my college graduation present, 1990)
Duo 230 (completely dockless, bought at a clearance price for portability)
Power Mac 7200 (1996)
Power Mac 7300 (bought used in 2000, with a G3 upgrade, and moved memory/drives from the 7200 into the 7300)
Power Mac G4 mirrored drive doors/Fire Wire 800 (bought 2004 on clearance)
iMac 27" mid-2010 Core i7
Mac Studio M1 Max

(Honestly, I kind of consider the 7200/7300 to have been a single “computer”, Ship-of-Theseus style.)

The household has also had a MacBook Pros, originally one from mid-2010 and now its replacement from 2017, but they’ve primarily been for my wife’s use.



More than I would like to confess to! But I’ll mention the one that was the most upgraded - a Performa 6400, with a PPC G3 co-processor in its L2 cache slot, and an OrangePC Windows co-processor in one PCI slot and a bigger hard drive and more RAM. That was my Marathon machine!


Over the years, I’ve owned:

Mac SE (original version, twin floppy).
Mac LC (which in retrospect was a turd of a machine because of its compromised design).
Quadra 630
Power Computing PowerBase 200
iMac G3/233 Rev “B” (this machine lasted for 20 years in the family, hockey puck mouse and all)
iMac G5 17" (remember the industry-wide capacitor issues?)
2009 iMac 20"
2014 Mac mini
2020 Mac mini M1

Needless to say, my M1 mini has been my favorite so far…


The ones that mattered perhaps…

Mac SE - still have, in the original bag with the rainbow embroidered logo. Still works last check.

SE/ 30 - the Mac that took me away from the Amiga 2000 as my main work machine.

5300CS - this was cool. Sorry I sold it off.

iMac - Jobs returned, we had the Grape edition, got an email reply from him on this.

PowerMac G3 - fully tricked out. Edited a feature on this. Earned its keep in four months.

Mac Pro G5 - currently alive in my office, headless. Old files, old systems with dependent software.

iMac 27” i9 - fully tricked out, still my main Mac, even with an M1 Max MBPro beside it.

I’ve had a bunch of MacBook Pros over the years. Same with the PowerBooks before them. To be honest, they all blur into one continuous run at this point.


Between personal and work machines, we have had the following:

SE and SE/30
PowerMac G3
PowerMac G5

Personal desktops
Quadra 610
PowerMac 7300
PowerMac G5
24" M3 iMac

Personal laptops (all still working)
14" PowerBook G3 Wallstreet (with CD, Zip, and Floppy drives)
13" MacBook1,1
14" PowerBook G4 Aluminum
15" MacBook Pro (2011)
13" MacBook Pro (2012)
15" MacBook Pro (2012)


Macs I’ve used and owned:


Macintosh Quadra 650
Power Computing clones


Mac II (paid $6K for a used machine in 1989)
PowerBook 160
PowerBook 5300
PowerBook G3
PowerBook G4 (“Titanium”)
iBook G3
PowerMac 8500
iMac G5 17"
MacBook Air 11"
MacBook 12"
MacBook Pro Retina 15"*
MacBook Pro TouchBar 16"
MacBook Pro 16" (Intel)*
MacBook Air 13" M1*
MacBook Pro 16" M1 Max Pro*

(*These are ones I actively use. I still have the Mac II and 8500, though I haven’t tried them in years and have no idea if they still work.)

Man, I clearly have an addiction! Though a lot of these Macs I bought cheap used a year or two after they were at their peak. I’m also sure I’m forgetting half a dozen models I only had for a short time. Also interesting to see how I transitioned to laptop-only by the 2010s (that was about when laptops became as powerful as desktops with big retina screens good enough for full-time use).


Still running Quicken 2000 on a PowerMac 9600 under MacOS 8.1, powered up just once a week. Four assorted newer machines run regularly.


I’ve had at least 7 or 8 over the years, but they’re all gone and I can’t remember their names. All were good, but the best is my current M2 MBAir.

But the one I’m really sorry I junked was my first computer, pre-Mac: a 1984 Apple // which I’d outfitted with a Zip Chip, battery and external storage. I was amazed by all I could do with it, amazed by the internet, and remain amazed at what the software could do - first Appleworks, then BeagleWorks - suites which Apple let die (today’s aren’t the whole suite).


IIsi – I used a lot of Macs owned by friends and employers until buying a used IIsi from a Claris programmer (with the upgraded FPU and max RAM) for $1,200. Good little system except for the speaker that frequently stopped working (daughter board would short out due to spring clip metal contacts). This required periodic cleaning of the contacts by opening the case and removing the speaker board.

PowerBook 5300c – Due to the chronic issues/defects it was traded in for Apple credit towards the PowerBook G3 below.

PowerComputing PowerTower Pro 225 (PowerPC 604e) – Equivalent to the Power Mac 9x00 series. Occasional audio jack issues but otherwise reliable system.

“Beige” G3 233 MHz (horizontal case) – Later upgraded with a G4 CPU and various cards (USB, SCSI, etc.)

PowerBook G3 “Wallstreet II” – Reliable beast with lots of ports and modules. Lugged one around for work back then as well.

PowerBook G3 “Lombard” (USB) – Somehow came into my hands used. I keep it for a Legacy system that can run older software, run SCSI devices with the benefit of Ethernet and USB for data transfers.

PowerBook G4 Titanium – LOVED the full 180-degree display hinge permitting setup on a music stand or other book holders such as are on many exercise machines. Unfortunately, the hinges tended to break over time.

MacBook Pro Core2 Duo (2006?) – One of the first Macs that could dual-boot or support Windows via native hardware. Did a lot of Windows work on this next to my own custom-built tower.

MacBook Pro 15" (late-2011) – This was a workhorse for a very long time… until the dreaded GPU defects arose (as they did for many owners of these models).

  • I limped along with the 2011 for a long time, trading parts with other dead 2011s from various sources and eventually continuing to work on Intel graphics only. Also used a Windows tower a lot during this time. [Side-bar: Apple’s intense push-back and denials of the MacBook Pro GPU problems really soured me on the company. tried assisting a lot of people with this and rarely got help from Apple. In one case they refused to service a 2011 just over 1 year after Apple had “repaired” it, even when we offered to pay. The Apple Genius looked me in the eye and told me to be grateful that Apple had been so “generous” to repair it the first time, despite Apple service advisories about that exact model and serial number.]

2015 MacBook Air i7 2.2GHz (used) – Has been my main daily workhorse until recently (and is still used). I am beyond displeased that Apple pulled a bait-and-switch with support on a laptop that was actively being sold new in 2019 (ie. only “supported” through macOS 12 released fall 2021 and security patches to be terminated this year.)

2020 iMac 27" i7 w/ Radeon Pro 5500 XT – Recently acquired used for the Intel dual Mac/Win functionality and partial upgradability. These final Intel iMacs can actually accept certain CPU upgrades (ie. 10th Gen i9) with out any OS hacks if you have some skill, patience and attention to detail.

Other Macs of interest that I never got around to acquiring:

  • I was fond of the G4 Cube design (except for its habit for shutting off when certain kinds of RF signals occurred nearby, like a security guards’ walkie-talkie).
  • Also liked the iMac G4 (aka. “iLamp”) with its solid, articulating “neck”.
  • Mac Pro towers from the Intel era.

Have not directly purchased a new Mac since the 2011 MacBook Pro, unless for someone else using my card.


Mine were/are:

  • Original 128K Macintosh, which I upgraded to 512K. That was not an easy upgrade.
  • Power Macintosh 8500/180, which I used for 13 years via way too many upgrades. Replaced when it would no longer boot.
  • PowerBook G4 1GHz (Titanium): 1" thin, 1 GB memory, 1 GHz: a first for a full-featured laptop
  • 24" iMac 3.06 GHz - replacement for the PowerMac 8500. I didn’t want an all-in-one but Apple didn’t have the mythical Mac midrange minitower. Replaced when it died.
  • MacBook Pro (15-inch, early 2011)
  • iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) - replaced when it died
  • MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2016) - with the TouchBar, which I never used
  • iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) - what I’m typing this reply on
  • MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2023) - I’d rather have the 15" MacBook Air but it only has 2 USB ports

Notice the pattern: all the desktops eventually stopped working. The laptops were all still working, just not powerful enough to display ads on websites. Only reason I replaced the 2016 MBP was it isn’t upgradable past Ventura.


These are the ones I bought new:

  • Macintosh Centris 650
  • PowerMac 7500 - upgraded this one with a G4 processor card I got on eBay
  • PowerBook G3 (Pismo)
  • PowerBook G4 - I don’t really remember this one, but I know I replaced the Pismo which died during Snow Leopard testing
  • MacBook Pro (Early 2008)
  • MacBook Pro (one of the 2012 models) - still have this one lying on a shelf; dead backlight but otherwise works
  • MacBook Pro (last model with the butterfly keyboard) - keyboard replaced after about a year
  • MacBook Pro (the model that ditched the butterfly keyboard) - normally, I kept laptops for about four years, but I bought this one a few months after having the keyboard repaired on the previous MBP to avoid another inevitable keyboard failure
  • MacBook Pro (M1 Pro) - current computer

After I bought the 7500 new, I started buying and selling used Macs on eBay. I’m pretty sure at one time or another I had a 7600 and possibly a 7300. Once I switched to laptops, though, I always bought new.

While helping a friend who had an iMac G4 with a 14-inch screen replace it with a used one with a 17" screen, I ran across a second one in pristine condition, which I ended up buying and keeping for myself. I still have it.


These are all the Macs I paid for out of my own pocket. I did have some MacBooks that I used for work that I could also take home for personal use, but I can’t remember from exactly which years.

A 1984 Mac

A Power Mac 9600

A Cheese Grater

A very beautiful Bondi Blue MacBook from around the year 2000

A 2005 MacBook Pro

A 2012 MacBook Pro


At work:
Mac Plus, no HD, second floppy drive
Mac SE
Mac II (I upgraded one with a IIfx logic board)
Mac IIci
PowerMac 7500 (turned into a stealth 8600. The 8600 logic board needed a different power ssupply; 7300 power supplies had the right connector)
PowerMac 7200 (similar upgrade as prrevious, eventually)
PowerMac 6100 that had been left at the curb in Chinatown, all info still on HD. There were several IIci’s left also, wish I could have grabbed one of those, too.
Used PowerMac 9600 (home and work)
Used 8600
Used blue and white G3 (got two of those for free, still have one)

Mac IIci (new)
PowerMac 7100: left at the curb in midtown. Found an OS 9 install CD in the CD drive.
PowerMac 7600 (new)
G4 AGP (used)
MDD G4/867 (new, on sale before new models came out)
MDD G4 with FW800 (now seems to be dead), bought used
G5, bought for $200 from a video company way downtown whose business was shrinking
4-5 gumdrop iMacs left at the curb at various times with all contents still on the drives; one is still here. Why?
Mac Pro 2010 refurb, best Mac I have ever had, still going strong
Used 2006 Mac Pro (my Wayback Machine)
15" 2011 MacBook Pro, graphics still working; refurb bought in 2012
13" 2012 MacBook Pro refurb, 2014
15" 2012 MacBook Pro refurb, 2014
2012 Mac Minis (2)
15" 2015 MacBook Pro refurb, bought in late 2018
2018 Mac Mini refurbs (2)
2020 M1 Mini refurb
2020 (?) M1 Studio refurb


I really, really wanted a Quadra 650.

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I wish a couple of mine hadn’t stopped working. I felt horrible leaving my IIci at eRecycling.


This was my setup while I was teaching in Shanghai in 2002. I believe the laptop is a PB180. I owned every PB including the one with a tiny trackball and the one with a desktop dock, which I think was a 280??


That doesn’t look like a 180; it was gray, with a trackball and two curved buttons surrounding the trackball.

It was not the first Mac I used (SE), but the first I bought,