The Levelator 3.0.2

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Venerable audio utility makes the jump to the Mac App Store. (Free, 2.1 MB)

Terrific. This has proven itself time and time again.

I have hoped for this for many years. I feared that the old version would be obsolete, but now, :smile:.

Great find. Levelator goes back a long way…

This announcement reminded me of Marco’s blog article about Voice Boost 2 for his iOS app Overcast. VB2 increases the listenability for podcasts that have poor audio production value and/or for users who are listening in a high-noise environment (e.g., mowing a lawn). That blog article gives a nice analysis of what leveling software is doing, and why it’s a relatively difficult computational problem.

While both are providing a similar function, there’s little overlap between what Levelator and Overcast’s VB2 are doing. Overcast would be cumbersome to use on the podcast production side – even when iOS apps can run on Apple Silicon Macs.

One question for @agen: does Rogue Amoeba provide this kind of leveling preprocessing for any of their Mac apps? I didn’t see anything when I looked on their website. TIA.

Let’s go to the horse’s mouth and ask @paul1 directly. :slight_smile:

I’ve been summoned, and so I appear (Note, may not always work, the best way to get answers is right here:

We do basic normalization in Fission, our audio editor, but that’s it. The Levelator is free, and works well - use it alongside audio made with our products!


Thanks, Paul! Nice to know the Amoebat Signal works, and we’ll be sure to restrict its use for when it’s best to get the official word in public.

I adopted the Kafasis-approved approach for my most recent podcast. I recorded in Rogue Amoeba, leveled with The Levelator (but edited with Ferrite).

Great news! Love this app. Hope they eventually add the ability to work with more audio formats besides Aiff and Wav. Personally, I wish they would charge for the app, so that it’s as sustainable as possible.

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