The iPhone 13 Pro Sierra Blue is definitely a nice Sierra Blue

There had been some discussion here and there from people saying their iPhone 13 Pro Sierra Blue didn’t look Sierra Blue. Mine just arrived and it looks like a beautiful Sierra Blue.

But note: It depends on lighting, and visual angle, and when taking a photo of it you also have to be careful of the angle.

But I think it looks beautiful, and as advertised.

I have the same phone and color and while I quite like it, I found that I was uncomfortable with not using a case even though the squared-off design is a lot less slippery than previous models. So once I put a case on it, I only see a small amount of the blue around the camera cutout. Sigh…

We’re thinking of replacing our iPhones 7 with iPhones 13 Pro. For my previous phones, I’ve always gotten a light blue bumper or case made by Apple. This time, I think I may get the Sierra Blue phone and the transparent Apple case.

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I use clear cases for this reason. Grip improved, scratches resisted, and the nice phone color still visible.

I got a Lifeproof SEE case for my 13 Mini in blue.

The back is clear, the bumpers match the phone and it has bright yellow buttons for a splash of color :slight_smile:


Me too. I got this nice quality, protective, inexpensive, clear case.

Unlike Apple’s clear case, that one doesn’t seem to have MagSafe magnets, so you might not be able to use a MagSafe charger and probably won’t be able to use MagSafe peripherals. That’s fine if you don’t want them, but just to let you know.

I’m too fond of this Bellroy wallet case that holds three cards to go clear. Function over form in this case. :slight_smile:

Fair point. Hadn’t thought of that. But then, I don’t have any MagSafe peripherals. It does charge wirelessly in the tray in my car, fwiw.

I returned my clear case to Apple when I realized not only does it make my 12 mini bulkier (not unexpected of course) it also doesn’t get rid of the stupid camera bump wobble because some genius at Apple decided the case needed a lip around the camera cutout.

There’s bound to be a 3rd party clear case that doesn’t have the same silly wobble, but I couldn’t be bothered anymore. Why pay top $ for a svelte phone only to make it bulky with a cheap case? It’s a phone, it’s supposed to be used and so it will get scratches and dents. In 2-3 years I’ll replace it. No biggie.

I mention the nice, inexpensive, but good quality clear case I got in my blog post here:

It’s an ESR protective case. I’m pleased with it.