The Beats Go On: Apple Subsidiary Releases Studio Pro Headphones, Studio Buds+ Earbuds

Originally published at: The Beats Go On: Apple Subsidiary Releases Studio Pro Headphones, Studio Buds+ Earbuds - TidBITS

No search for Apple earbuds or headphones is complete without weighing what’s on offer from Apple subsidiary Beats By Dre. Releases include flagship Studio Pro headphones and a modest update to its 2021 Studio Buds.

I have been happily using the Fit Pro for almost two years now. The sound is comparable to the original Air Pods Pro and they are much more secure in my ears. Active noise reduction isn’t great, but again, about the same as the Air Prods Pro (original). The auto connect function got disabled by a firmware update, but was restored (by an Apple Store “Genius”) by reloading the basic software. Battery life is fine and still going strong. Used every morning on my 90 minute walk.

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I confess that after all this time I’m still nursing along my old deluxe Apple in ear headphones (along with a USB C to headphone adaptor.

The only time I really use headphones is on flights and I prefer having a set that don’t rely on batteries and the newer wired apple headphones are very uncomfortable. I suppose eventually when they wear out I’ll need to find an alternative but so far so good :man_shrugging:t2:

Plenty of wired third party alternatives that are actually far superior to Apple’s offerings. I recommend Shure.

Would you say the noise cancelling on the Beats headphones is inferior to the Sony WH-1000XM3? I use the Sony headphones on planes and to watch shows on my TV.

I have the Beats Fit Pro and use them now on airline trips. I can’t say anything about the Sony headphones, but I previously used Bose Quiet Comfort earbuds when I was flying. The Beats are not quite as good, but a lot more convenient, plus I can generally hear when the flight attendants are talking to me better than I could with the Bose. I imagine that the Sony over-the-ear model is much better than the Beats are.

The Beats Fit Pro are one of my favorite pieces of tech that I own right now. (I’ve had mine just over a year.)