Texts on Apple Watch

Apple Watch 5 not cellular, latest OS.

Several times recently I’ve received obvious spam texts on my Watch that didn’t appear on any other Apple device in my ecosystem. I’m used to texts showing up everywhere, not exclusively on one device, so I’m wondering if anyone here has any idea how it is even possible for a text to show up on the non-cellular Watch without going through the paired iPhone’s Messages app?


A message could traverse the iMessage system to a non-cellular Apple Watch that was connected to a WiFi network without going through any other Apple device, but I would expect that it would reach other devices on the same Apple ID eventually if you don’t delete it first.

But wouldn’t it have to go through the iPhone Messages app and so show up in that app? Is there a way to send a Message and indicate which device it is targeting so it would bypass appearing in the app on other devices?

(Ordinarily when I receive any type of txt message (Blue Bubble or not) it shows up on the entire ecosystem almost instantly.)

I don’t know if this is it, but on the iPhone do you have settings / messages / filter unknown senders turned on?

I rarely (maybe once a year) look at the messages app on my watch, so I really can’t say if there are messages appearing there that don’t go to my other devices. I do use the watch to get message notifications and occasionally answer with one of the prepared autoresponses but, other than that, if I message, I’ll take out my phone and do it there.

If your Watch has a wi-fi connection, I’m not sure it’s reliant on messages being relayed by your iPhone.

But how would you address a text over WiFi to just the Watch? All other devices, using the same id, are on the same WiFi but none registered the text. There’s no way for me to investigate the original as I deleted it as soon as I realized it was spam.


Oh i’m not suggesting that it’s possible to target Watch, merely pointing out that your assumption about how it was delivered might be inaccurate.