Terminal oddity

iMac Pro with additional Dell 24" screen; Catalina, latest updates installed.

When I launch Terminal, its window flashes open on the secondary screen, then immediately disappears. I can choose “Move to DELL” from the Window menu, whereupon it appears again. I’ve tried deleting files in ~/Preferences but it makes no difference.

It’s just an irritation, of course, but any ideas for a fix would be gratefully received.


Is this the built-in terminal or using xterm in X11?

If it’s the latter you can set the defaults for shell windows in ~/.Xresources eg.

XTermgeometry: 100x37+970+500
scrollBar: on
XTermsaveLines: 10000
rightScrollBar: no

That’s usually easier than launching with a lot of arguments like

xterm -geometry 100x37+970+500 -sb -sl 10000

I’m using Apple’s Terminal utility.

You could open a new terminal window, place it in the desired position on the desired screen, and then choose Shell > Use Settings as Default

Thanks, but that doesn’t work, sadly. Looking at the settings file produced by Shell > Export settings, window bounds aren’t included.