Ten “It’s About Time” Features from WWDC 2022

I read that Ventura will offer Quick Look for Spotlight. So how does that work? How does Spotlight know when hitting space bar means blank space vs. show Quick Look preview?

Camo is something I was just getting into (and don’t need Ventura to use) and Weather seems like they’ve intergrated Dark Sky acquisition.
While Agile Bits was lucky to have profited off that, I preferred Dark Sky to Weather since it was better.
But I look at my friend’s android phone, that its lock screen has weather info, and look at my iPhone… is it that hard to have had this feature, Apple? (I don’t have a faceID phone, but do have setting for lock screen…I have to still swipe)

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I would like to say better late than never. But then again, it looks like there will be only one line available for all weather app info on the new lock screen. That line is also where battery info and next meeting will have to go… :thinking:

Presumably it depends on whether you have selected an item in the search results (triggering Quick Look) or have the search text entry area active (just a space).

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Interesting. So how would I invoke Quick Look for the top item which Spotlight auto-selects for me even while typing? Does Ventura Spotlight no longer auto-select?

In the Finder, the “official” shortcut for Quick Look (i.e., the shortcut listed in the File menu) is ⌘Y (even if most people use the space bar alternative shortcut). Perhaps ⌘Y will work in Spotlight.

Perhaps you’d like MsgFiler (in the App Store). I’ve been using it for about 20 years to do what you describe. You type the critical bits of the folder you want, and it finds it. Then you can save the current message there, or open the folder itself.

I’m retired now, with very little crucial email, but when I had to deal with a few hundred students and a few dozen faculty members, MsgFiler made it possible.

(And a not so obvious benefit is that it knows where you put the last message. Clumsy fingers can’t hide your last email … at least, not so easily.)

Looks like the iOS Weather app is getting a significant update with iOS 16. Looking forward to more hourly detail. Now if only they’d also include phase of the moon and full/new moon dates.

I love MsgFiler too. And have been using it for years as well. The developer was worried that plugins might get disallowed soon. I hadn’t heard an update on that.

So on the Mac, I’m fine with MsgFiler.

I was referring to the iOS and iPadOS versions of Mail, for which there are no plugins.

That’s why I tend to use Outlook on my iPhone - just so I can have a filer somewhat like MsgFiler.

It seems it should be easy for Apple to implement. They just need to let you use a little search bar at top, like Outlook does.

During rainy season here in Tokyo the hourly details change hour-by-hour. It’s driving me crazy for trying to time dog walks. :slight_smile:

Please tell me they are adding wind speed to hourly summaries! It was the only reason I dealt with the weather.com app


Your wish has been granted.

(from the link I posted above)

Thanks! I missed the link in my excitement


Thanks for this roundup!

The big eye popper for me is one that you’ve seen me clamor about for years: iCloud Shared Photo Library. Not because I think a ton of people need it; rather, because the smaller number that need it really need it badly.

Again, my use case is simply that my wife and I both want access to >20 years of pix and vids of our kids. And since we haven’t had this feature, she uses my iCloud ID on her phone. Besides breaking Find My, her Notes can’t sync to her laptop, her phone keeps hijacking the AirPods while they’re in my ears, and so many other annoying things.

What’s not clear to me is what the details of the feature are going to be and how well it will work. But so far from what I’ve read, it sounds like it should get the job done.

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Just turn off auto switching.

While they are connected to her iPhone, on her iPhone do Settings > Bluetooth > (i) next to connected AirPods > Connect to This iPad/iPhone > When Last Connected to this iPad/iPhone

Same works on Macs too using Sys Prefs > Bluetooth > AirPods Options > Connect to This Mac: When Last Connected to This Mac

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I don’t want to turn off auto-switching. I have a bunch of devices of my own that I want it switching between. But I definitely DON’T want to be in the middle of something and have Candy Crush start blasting in my ears.

You’re not turning it off on your devices. You’re turning it off specifically between her iPhone and your AirPods so that her iPhone doesn’t keep trying to snatch away the connection to your AirPods.

Okay, thanks, I’ll try that. I feel like I tried that already, but don’t recall anymore.

Yeah, that’s a recipe for all sorts of hurt. Hopefully iCloud Shared Photo Library will let you switch to the standard way of working where she has uses her own Apple ID.

It really is. It’s cool that if you Bluetooth pair (or unpair) something on one device, that syncs to all your other devices… until you don’t want it to :-). And all your phone call history syncs to all devices. We work around Find My Friends being broken by looking for the specific Device. Her Health data is merged with mine, ugh! But so much of her life’s joy comes from all those “memories” Apple Photos presents on her phone.

One of my concerns about this feature is that some of my Macs have aged out of upgradability. If this feature is going to require all copies of my photo library to be upgraded before that will function, I’ll be close to $5000 away from being able to make that happen.

Let’s hope this feature works!