TechTool Pro 14 > 15 upgrades

I did a “legacy upgrade” from an ancient version of TTP to v.14 in mid-October ($60). Ten weeks later, Micromat has sent me an email offering an upgrade to TTP 15, with M1 compatibility for another $50. I have to say, that’s disappointing! I’m not sure that this pricing structure is much better than the continual license fee that 1Password is initiating. I don’t doubt that I’ll be moving from my trusty 2012 MacBook Pro to an M-based Mac before too long, but Micromat isn’t impressing me right now.

Double check the upgrade price by entering your serial number on this page. If it doesn’t offer a free update then contact sales and ask for it since your purchase was only ten weeks ago:

Phone: (707) 304-5993
Monday - Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Pacific Time


Al, I had entered my serial number on that page, and that’s where I got the $49.99 upgrade price. Maybe they’re treating it differently from a new purchase because that was an upgrade from version 7 to v.14, and not a new purchase? I have emailed, but they haven’t yet replied.

I was a frequent user of TechTool for many years but after similar problems with costing to upgrade a month or so after my last upgrade, I decided to not upgrade every year.

I relied on them to have a recovery disc, but the current version cannot create one on my startup disc anymore, and after going back and forth with tech support, I gave up. It kept telling me I did not have enough room for the disc creation.

Just to put a cap on this saga, I got a friendly response to my email to Micromat Sales (I sent it to info@ also). The lady let me know that their policy is to provide free upgrades for 30 days, but she followed that with “…however, we will be happy to provide you with a free upgrade to Techtool Pro 15. You will receive an email within a day with your new TTP15 s/n and the download link. Please contact if you do not receive the download.” The link had already arrived when I saw her email. So, all’s we’ll that ends well?
Squeaky Wheel


When we were running Take Control, we would periodically end up in a situation where no matter what we tried to set up in advance, a few people would fall through the cracks of getting the upgrade discounts they should have. There was always a good reason, and we were always happy to make the situation right in whatever way was best when they got in touch. The moral of the story being that it’s always worth checking with sales/support because they can usually just solve the problem easily. And they should, since doing so usually makes the customer happier than if there hadn’t been a problem to start.

Customer service should always be seen as an opportunity.