TechTool Pro 13

Originally published at: TechTool Pro 13 - TidBITS

Major upgrade for the hard drive repair and system maintenance tool. ($129 new, various upgrade prices)

Very difficult to buy! Unable to buy with Paypal on Safari. Finally able on Firefox after jumping through hoops. On Safari when trying to log into Micromat it took me to my Paypal account.
Once launched from the applications folder, there was no Techtool Pro icon in the dock.
Very unprofessional. Wonder if the app is also such a mess

@amarillo56 I had some difficulty getting links to work to purchase the upgrade while using Safari. Switched to Blaze (which I really like) and it all went smooth. Purchased through Paypal with no difficulty.

I really like the newest version. Worked like a charm on my iMac 2019. Just beginning to explore it further.

Hope it works better for you. I do agree that their web interface was difficult to negotiate and I did have a problem with what seemed like an over long hangup in the installer but it eventually finished (after the longest “minute remaining” in history, like 5 minutes you mean?).

I purchased and installed TechTool Pro 13 today. No problems with purchasing via Safari but I went with Amazon credit processing instead of PayPal. After I installed TechTool Pro its icon appeared in the Dock.

The installer placed an icon in my dock a long time ago, so it is always in the same place, even when not launched. Perhaps yours is also somewhere other than the right end of your dock?

Yes, after rebooting the icon appeared in the dock

@amarillo56 I had no problem using PayPal via Brave browser to buy it on 1 Sep 20. Also since I had just bought TTP12 in June, MicroMat gave me a deal on buying TTP13.