TechTool Pro 10.1.1

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Maintenance release for the recently upgraded hard drive and system repair-and-maintenance tool. ($129.99 new, free update, 180.4 MB)

I reluctantly upgraded to TTP 9.6 from a much earlier version, and then to 10 when it came out. I immediately ran into a problem performing volume structures test and the volume rebuild on my two AFPS formatted volumes on my MBP SSD. The routines would hang forever. I discovered the hard way that by un-mounting one of the other volumes (with Disk Utility) these routines worked - back and forth, back and forth, un-mount - mount, un-mount - mount. Then in TTP 10.0.2 (beta) the un-mount / mount button appeared, but only with the volume structures, requiring some more back and forth to do the volume rebuilds. I was particularly disappointed when this was not attended to in the TTP 10.1.1 version, or even that the switch would be made without user intervention when one of the volumes on the SSD was selected.