Task management software

Recently read a review of several programs for task management. Was sure it was a TidBITS article, but can’t find a trace. Anyone read this, here or elsewhere?? Thanks

Are you looking for yourself or for a team?

I never met a project management app that I liked. I found that they just added to the workload, and they were, and probably still are, expensive. At a former job, I worked with Microsoft Project, and I think it was the lesser of the evils.


Basecamp is another:

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Actually my son, who works for a big company, but I think his projects are all his own, not team-oriented.

I just checked, and unfortunately MS Project is no longer available for Mac.

I love Taskpaper for Mac for its ease of use and plain text files — I wish there was an iPhone/iPad version. Some people open their Taskpaper files with IOS software.:

I’m curious if anyone here uses Notion? I downloaded it a few weeks ago and it looks interesting but I haven’t really had time to sit down with it for too long.

I downloaded it recently when thinking of applying there. But while the company claims to admire people like Alan Kay, the app has the trendy and now-ubiquitous "hover-state function safari”, so I uninstalled it. An entire generation has never heard of Fitts’ law.

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I only recently ‘discovered’ TaskPaper. In my case, I’m using Agile Tortoise’s Drafts which is available on both desktop and mobile and syncs nicely. It has a TaskPaper syntax (a document ‘mode’) which I’ve been tinkering with.

I don’t have the desktop TaskPaper, so I’m not sure how well or easy it would be to integrate with the mobile Drafts. However, Drafts is available as a free download (with optional in-app purchases available) so you might be able to try this out…

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