Tabloid Printer Recommendation Help

I’m working with an architectural client who has closed down their office for daily work for the duration. People only go in if they have to be there. Everyone has been set up to work from home.

In house just now they have a 3’ ink jet plotter., several HP B&W letter sized lasers, and a couple of Konica Minolta BizHub units that can handle up to 12x18 color prints/scans/copies.

The KM BizHubs are going off lease. They are looking for an interim solution to 11x17 color printing at a quality good enough for fine line drawings plus proposals on “plain” paper but with color photos embedded.

The point of interim is that the volumes are down to the point that a new lease on a KM BizHub or similar just makes no sense. At least not until the office is re-opened for more normal operations. Dealing with a PDF onscreen from home, while at times is a pain,it beats driving into the office to print a page or few.

We are looking at 1 or 3 letter/legal Brother all in ones for B&W letter printing and copying. Plus it will scan in color, do multi-page scans, and costs under $200.

Any suggestions? for the 12x18 or maybe 11x17.

This is a market I’ve not looked at for a long time as it falls in the middle of what my clients normally want.


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I forgot to mention a strong preference for laser/toner based printers. Printing out 3 copies of a 40 page color proposal in ink can make you want to start investing in ink companies.

HP makes several printers that support 11x17:

Prices for B&W start at $110. Prices for color start at $430.

As much as anything I’m asking for ones that people have experience with. My last HP AIO inkjet I took to the dump after a couple of years of frustration. And yes, I know the lasers are very different but people who used one for similar work and are happy with it would be great to know.

Thank you for your help.

Unfortunately, my experience with large-format HP laserjet printers is at least 5 years old. It was a very large all-in-one device (including 5 paper trays and a sorter/stacker/stapler), leased and centrally managed by my employer. They don’t make that model anymore, but it appears that this series is what they’re currently selling to that market:

They don’t list prices for these models. You need to contact your sales rep to negotiate terms for purchase or lease. If you can justify a device like this, then you probably don’t need to solicit advice from us - you’d just call your HP rep and arrange for an on-site demo or trial period.

I’d recommend asking in the MacAdmins Slack, if you’re on there. Or maybe the MacEnterprise list.

I use a Canon Pixma ix6500 in my home graphic design office. Pros: up to 12x18 size, very fast, sharp, good color, inexpensive. Cons: thirsty, tiny ink cartridges. I would say it would not be ideal for high volume printing, but if you just need a small number of color plan prints for personal use, you might consider it or a successor unit.

I gave up on HP printers because they have terrible Mac support, incredibly slow and cumbersome software, and a horrible policy of not supporting new OS releases with driver updates. Canons just seem to work.

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