Tab managers and SuperTab-type apps

I am a tabaholic. I googled tab managers last night after getting the idea from the SuperTab post and they sound pretty interesting.

I found a number of extensions for Chrome and Firefox but not too much for Safari. I installed a couple on Brave and can see where they are helpful in finding duplicates and even quickly close things that are unneeded but I hadn’t seen them in months. Some will unload tabs which sounds great too. I know they are a huge energy drain on the system.

What I am looking to do - and why I thought a SuperTab type of app would be good too - is group client apps/links. When I want to work on Client A, their remote software and a window with the tabs needed for them opens. When I work on Client B, I am offered Quickbooks and another window with different tabs. Client C opens Word, a folder full of documents and a blank window for research.

So what are your favorite apps for these needs?