T-Mobile Offers Three-Month Network Pass Test Drive

Originally published at: T-Mobile Offers Three-Month Network Pass Test Drive - TidBITS

T-Mobile is expanding its Test Drive program with the new Network Pass, which gives you unlimited T-Mobile cellular data free for 3 months.

Is this an unethical question? I’ll be visiting the U.S. for 3 weeks in April with my unlocked iPhone 13 Pro. Is it ok to signup for T-Mobile’s 3 month test drive and use it during my trip?

I don’t think the question is unethical, but if you have to ask about the action, you probably know the answer. :slight_smile:

I wonder if T-Mobile requires a US address to sign up?

Probably. I have one of those too. Hmm…

Why not? Assuming you can get past any signup hurdles. If it makes you feel better, offer a review of the service here. Might convince more people to try it out.

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Well, if fact you are giving it a “test drive”.

Would you feel better paying $50 a month for an unlimited pre-paid sim?

I wouldn’t lose sleep over it if I were you, your usage of a “test drive” isn’t going to make any difference to the network. I’d say it’s fine to try out the network, that’s the point of the program.

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An excellent idea…but for our friends across the pond is there a similar deal in the UK for unlocked US iPhones?