Susan Kare Honored with AIGA Medal

(Josh Centers) #1

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Susan Kare, designer of the original Macintosh’s icons and several of its fonts, has been awarded the prestigious AIGA medal.

(Julian Gomez) #2

“she was responsible for the Command symbol”

Maybe for using it, but that symbol was a standard infographic in widespread use around Europe at the time.

(Tommy Weir) #3

Still is in use. I came across it on several signs in Finland last year where it is used to indicate a place of interest.


And don’t forget the smile, the trash can, the dog cow, grabber hand, and the (arrrrrrgh) dreaded bomb. Or Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Cairo, Monaco, London, etc. - bitmapped, low res fonts that were so beautifully readable, scalable, modern and clean.


(Adam Engst) #5

Yes, that’s why I used the specific wording I did, since she didn’t (and never claimed otherwise) create it. But it’s one of the most recognizable symbols still left from the early days.

That said, I still miss Clarus, the dogcow! See


(Jim Carr) #6

Utilizing an eclectic pool of sources ranging from pirate lore to ancient hieroglyphics, Kare then conceptualized the jargon into a digestible visual metaphor. The command symbol, for instance, was conceived when Kare pored through old symbology books for hours and saw the Saint Hannes cross, an ancient symbol also used by Scandinavians in the 1960s to mark locations of cultural interest.


(@lbutlr) #7

The only tattoo I would ever consider getting.

(Julian Gomez) #8

I miss Clarus too, especially the animated one bellowing MOOF
Speaking of old times, yesterday I was in San Francisco and happened to drive by what used to be the restaurant that was the go to for the Netter’s Dinner.