Studio Display Options & Vendors

I already have an M2 MacBook Air and am thinking that pairing it with an Apple Studio Display would be a good replacement for my desktop iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015), which is stuck at macOS 12 Monterey.

The Studio Display has these options:

  1. Nano-Texture vs. Standard Glass
  2. Tilt-Only vs Tilt-and-Height Adjustable Stand

It’s available for purchase from:

  1. Apple Retail (new)
  2. Apple Refurbished
  3. Third-Party (new)

I’m currently very happy with my iMac, which has a stand lacking height adjustment and a display that is not nano-textured. I’m retired and not using my Mac for color management or other full-time, professional work.

Does anyone recommend the nano-texture or height-adjustable stand options for my situation?

Does anyone recommend choosing to buy among Retail, Refurbished, or Third Party based on anything other than price?

Thank you for your input.

The height of the 2020 27" iMac (and, I believe, all 27" iMacs going back to at least 2015) was 20.3"; te width was 25.6". The equivalent dimensions for the Studio Display are 18.8" and 24.5". Since the screen sizes are the same, the width figure argues that the Studio Display bezel is 0.55" narrower than the the iMac (50% of the difference in width). So, if the Studio Display had its screen at the same height, It would measure 19.75" from top to bottom. Thus, the Studio Display Screen with no height adjustment, appears to be about 1" lower than iMac’s.

If youur iMac screen didn’t have issues with glare, then you should be fine with standard glass on the Studio Display.

I purchased my Studio Display when it first appeared, converting from a late moduel 27" iMac and had no issues with the height. If you think a screen that is slightly lower than your iMac screen will work for you, you can also avoid the height-adjustible version.

As to where to purchase it, if a third party offers a cheaper price than Apple and a reasonable return and warranty policy, go for it. Refurbs are probably also OK, but, may give up the ghost earlier (although there is no indication that that should really make a difference–you’ll probably replace the display long before it gives out).

If you haven’t ever bought a refurb from Apple before, I just want to say that I have had very positive experiences with Apple’s USA refurb program. I’ve bought multiple Macs, iPods, and iPads as refurbs, beginning with a beige G3 tower years and years ago. I’ve never been let down or felt dissatisfied. So, if you see a machine you want offered as a refurb, you can save some money and get what is effectively a new product.

A great indication of the steps Apple takes in its refurb process is that products are eligible for AppleCare. Plus there is a liberal return policy. The only real downsides, to my mind, are that you can’t buy specific configurations of Macs on demand and low specc’d hardware might stop receiving OS updates after only a couple of years.

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Didn’t bother with height adjustable stand, figured a book or two might be just as good, in any case didn’t need to do that alongside my 27” iMac.
Nano textured glass would aid glare reduction but not an issue for me. Saved on both.

Have had excellent experience with Apple refurbs.

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