Studio Display improved sound with speakers

In 2007, I had fixed Altec Lansing speakers on my Cinema Display : see article
I did it again with my Studio Display and you can see the result of the two generations on this picture :

The sound is good with Studio Display for speech but not for complex music.
Altec sound is infinitely better !


Altec Lansing make several very good speakers for computer monitors. Bernard, how did you attach yours to your monitor?

Hi Lynn,

I will give you all informations, including a dimensioned plan.
First of all, you need a VESA version of Studio Display.
I just use a plexiglass plate and some aluminium corners.
Be patient because I am going hiking; do not hesitate to contact me again.

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This picture shows the back

The reflection reveals the plexi plate.
The stand is recovered from a Dell monitor.


Thank you. Didn’t think of using a different stand for the monitor.

Yes, because :

  • this one is heavy and has a thick basis ; I would like less depth
  • It is too high ; with my glasses, I need to lower the screen (or change the glasses !)
  • I want to make a new desk
  • i will probably need a stand which is fixed by pinching the desk
  • I would like to improve the concealment of cables.

Do you intend to do something ?

I have changed the stand for this one :
and build a desk

Cleaner cabling

This is a prototype of course.

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Thank you for the update. Have you seen the new Altec Lansing speakers? A step down from the past.

Bernard you seem like a very tidy person who pays attention to details. Maybe think about going to a kitchen or wood shop and have them cut a top for your table that doesn’t have a seam running in front of it where your mouse travels. Better yet, have them make a top with the wood you like the best with rounded edges. Here as some of the images I made of an exhibit I started.DIW Photo Gallery – San Diego Fine Woodworkers

Very nice indeed but I am far, in France.
I consulted a cabinetmaker to make a real piece of furniture, beautiful and well finished. I’ll see him again in September. My model is purely functional and is a kind of specification.

Ugly !
Nothing similar to my Altec Lansing or equivalent Harman Kardon Cristal (it seems that they are still sold),
Perhaps because the sound of computers is good enough or people listen their smartphones.
Studio Display has a rather good sound except for basses so I don’t use very much Altec.

I remember the SoundSticks from the early 2000’s, when they were introduced. They sound good and are a lot better than a Mac’s built-in speaker, but nothing I would consider great.

I continue to love my Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers. You do need an analog audio-out jack on your computer so some Macs will require a USB-headphone adapter, but they sounds great.

Klipsch makes other models (the ProMedia 2.0, without a subwoofer, and the ProMedia Heritage, which is a higher-end model) that include Bluetooth audio as well as line-input. These may be more suitable for a Mac that doesn’t have a headphone jack, if you don’t have and don’t want to get a USB adapter or dock to provide one.

But, of course, choice of speaker is a very personal thing. Most speakers that are not total junk will sound pretty good, and what sounds “best” beyond that is a matter of personal preference. And you may have requirements beyond just sound quality (e.g. how it looks alongside everything else in the room.)