Studio Display improved sound with speakers

In 2007, I had fixed Altec Lansing speakers on my Cinema Display : see article
I did it again with my Studio Display and you can see the result of the two generations on this picture :

The sound is good with Studio Display for speech but not for complex music.
Altec sound is infinitely better !


Altec Lansing make several very good speakers for computer monitors. Bernard, how did you attach yours to your monitor?

Hi Lynn,

I will give you all informations, including a dimensioned plan.
First of all, you need a VESA version of Studio Display.
I just use a plexiglass plate and some aluminium corners.
Be patient because I am going hiking; do not hesitate to contact me again.

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This picture shows the back

The reflection reveals the plexi plate.
The stand is recovered from a Dell monitor.


Thank you. Didn’t think of using a different stand for the monitor.

Yes, because :

  • this one is heavy and has a thick basis ; I would like less depth
  • It is too high ; with my glasses, I need to lower the screen (or change the glasses !)
  • I want to make a new desk
  • i will probably need a stand which is fixed by pinching the desk
  • I would like to improve the concealment of cables.

Do you intend to do something ?