Studio Display first impressions and questions

Hi all,

I received my Studio Display a few days ago.
I installed it and it works, not a great surprise.

The quality is impressive and my pictures are enhanced, better than on my oled tv.
That said, I have the impression that the colours are not quite natural ; they seem to be beautified as if the saturation was increased, certainly not a lot and skillfully done, similar to an iPhone.
Apple is clever and does what he wants, without giving any explanation.

I got a look in Préférences-> Monitors
The setting for the MacBook Pro

and for Studio Display

When I select Apple Display, I get a very high level of brightness and a cursor to adjust it.
When I select any other, I have a low level of brightness and I loose the cursor :

No explanation, I read RTFM which is particularly brief…

Does anyone have any ideas on this subject?