Store files in ~/Library/Application Support?

Does it create any problems if I store files (such as a user manual) in ~/Library/Application Support?

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Shouldn’t be an issue… it I put mine in /Users/Shared…

I don’t see why it would cause a problem, but why do you want to?

Normally, files in ~/Library/Application Support are files for internal use by specific applications (with those shared by all users being placed in /Library/Application Support). For example, apps store their security certificates, extensions, plugins and other similar files there, in per-app folders.

I think it would be better for you to store your documents somewhere under ~/Documents (e.g. ~/Documents/Manuals). This way they won’t accidentally get trashed if/when you uninstall the app.

Additionally, ~/Library is normally a hidden folder. I think you may end up accidentally losing track of files you place in there.


Thanks for the tip – makes sense. I will keep using ~/Documents instead.

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