StopTheMadness 16.1

Originally published at: StopTheMadness 16.1 - TidBITS

Browser extension prevents Facebook from replacing clicked links with tracking URLs. ($8.99 new, free update, 704.3 KB)

Doesn’t Firefox do this by default by “fencing in” Facebook?

Not sure if Firefox does the same thing or not, but StopTheMadness works with multiple browsers. It also does a host of other things. Highly recommended.

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I use this Extension and the best thing about it is that I forget it’s running. I can use the web as I’ve always done. It’s missed if it is not there.

I use Firefox Containers as well, and I see that as being different to StopTheMadness.

The special sauce in StopTheMadness is domain-specific browser preferences. I send my Twitter, Facebook, and Google clicks to Brave running in private mode. Since it’s Chromium-based it provides the cleanest experience for those sites.

Then use Safari for everything else.