Stopping Screen Shots from Going to Dropbox

I searched for older comments…surprised I didn’t find them, for this is the most nagging problem on my computer!

I’ve tried some “sure fire” fixes but none of them worked, at least in my case.

There MUST be a way to stop this…! Help please!

Bye R@y

go to Dropbox in your menu, Account, Preferences, then uncheck the box

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Sorry! I have no idea how to get to the place you say…. All I see is “Home”? I looked in “Settings” but did not see your “Backups” heading.

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Are you referring to Dropbox on your iPhone or iPad?


Do you have the Dropbox icon in you menu at the top of the screen of your Mac? You click on it and there will be a menu with a round icon on the far right which may have your initials on it. Click on that to get there

Ray, thanks for your direction….I’m afraid I’m a fubblefingers, it looks like, but here are two screenshots I got from your directions….

On my MacBookPro, Doug…thanks!

You have to have the Dropbox application installed for it to be doing screenshots. Go to your menu to access it. (See my screenshot below)

Ray, I do have DropBox installed. Here is another screen shot… I’ve clicked on the DropBox logo (upper right). Please tell me which item in the drop-down I should use to get where you want me to go. Thanks!

I think it would be the Dropbox menu | Preferences (or Settings in it’s Ventura) and turn off the box next to Share screenshots and screen recordings using Dropbox - the opposite of what it says in this help page on Dropbox. (I don’t use the Dropbox app myself so I can’t replicate on my computer.)

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Do you have the DropBox icon on your menu? Not in the Finder window.

Then go back over the answers in the replies and you should get it.

I’m still plagued with DropBox grabbing my screen shots… I appreciate all the comments, but so far I’m not finding the solution. Here is my current dilemma, trying to follow the comments I’ve received:

  1. Several made it clear: “I have to have the DropBox App Installed.”

  2. So looked in my apps folder, alphabetically, NO Dropbox! (I have two users on my MacBookM1Pro, so looked in my Home/Applications folder also…not there)

  3. So, I went to Dropbox.Com and downloaded Dropbox app, ran the installer; no problems. Yet, DropBox still does not show in my Applications folders.

  4. This must be a clue to my problem, but I have no idea what to do next.


Bye R@y

Again… I don’t use the Dropbox app myself anymore, nor the menu bar syncing app. But, if you click the icon in the menubar for Dropbox, somewhere there will be an option to open settings of preferences for the app (apparently, after clicking the menu bar icon, you click your avatar, or profile picture, or initials, in the top-right corner, then click Preferences). And on one of the pages of the settings (it may be “Backup”), there will be a setting to turn off capturing screenshots.

So, I went to Dropbox.Com and downloaded Dropbox app, ran the installer; no problems. Yet, DropBox still does not show in my Applications folders

If you ran the installer and DropBox is grabbing screenshots…the app simply has to be on the drive someplace. If you don’t have the menu bar icon I think there’s a preference to turn that off. It’s possible that the app is in Login items, is marked to launch as hidden, and the menu bar icon disabled…that’s the only thing I can think of.

Depending on whether an admin user was logged in at the install…it could be in /Applications or in the Application folders under each user…did you try searching the drive for DropBox and specifying application as the type? Also…if you’ve got the DropBox folder either in homedir or the new weird CloudStorage folder (or whatever it’s named)…then it seems like the app has to be both installed someplace and running.

If there’s an uninstaller in 5he downloaded package…try running that after copying the actual DropBox folder someplace just in case…then reboot (probably not necessary at all but strange problems sometimes require strange solutions) then run the installer again and configure the settings in the app.

If the menu bar icon isn’t there…I don’t think there’s an easy way to bring the app to the foreground…you might have to search for and delete everything with DropBox in the name to get rid of whatever plist or pref or cached thing that’s causing the issue.

Sometimes…waving around the garlic while hopping on one foot becomes the weird solution to the weird problem.

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Ray, it looks like you still have the problem. Reading through this thread, there are a couple of things that puzzle me. In your post, where you attached two screenshots, the first screenshot shows the ‘Settings’ selected. What do you get when you click on that selection? The attachment shows what I get. The option to upload screenshots is under the Backups selection.
Screen Shot 2022-12-30 at 8.44.15 am

Have you tried launching the Screenshot app, clicking on Options at the bottom and selecting somewhere else to save your screenshots?

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Well, it appears you have the solution! With all the help about where to look for Backup/Stop Screen Sharing, I NEVER found it, but just my opening the Screen Shot App it seems to have over ridden DropBox!

Appreciate ALL the offers of help!

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Glad to be of help