Stickies vs (Quick) Notes

Whenever I have a need to jot something down, I create a note in DEVONthink using the Sorter as I can bring it up with a quick key combination. My notes can be created in various forms including Markdown, and as long or as short as I need them to be. I haven’t yet upgraded to MacOS 12 (Monterey) which has Quick Notes, which may ultimately be something that I use as well. But in thinking about Quick Notes, I remember that MacOS has Stickies! Remember those!? I used to love them, and use them frequently, and then I didn’t, and I don’t remember why.

Do you still use Stickies? What do you love about them, and why not use (Quick) Notes instead?

We’ve got yellow paper stickies scattered around our home, especially on the refrigerator. I do use them on my Mac desk; they remind me what I need to do before I turn it on. I’ve got so much stuff on my Home Screen that I should open immediately that I haven’t used the Mac version of stickies in years.

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Ditto. I used Stickies but stopped in favor of Notes. They just seemed more organized. I use Reminders for more random stuff - plus both those apps sync to my phone.

I think I have managed to open my old backed up Stickies and there is some interesting stuff in there!


I use Stickies instead of sticking Post-it notes on the monitor. Unlike Notes, Stickies are always open and they are right there on the screen every time I look at it. Notes are OK but you have to remember to open them to view them.