Standard Ebooks Makes Classic Texts Beautiful

Originally published at: Standard Ebooks Makes Classic Texts Beautiful - TidBITS

The Standard Ebooks project is building on the work of Project Gutenberg to spruce up classic ebooks for modern devices. Find out how you can use it to expand your ebook collection.


A goldmine. Thanks, Josh.

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Thanks for spreading the word about Standard Ebooks. It’s a great project that more people need to know about. I produced one book for them back in 2017. It was a surprising amount of work. I’m a good proofreader, but this was something altogether different. It gave me a much deeper respect for book editors. I started a second book but couldn’t devote enough time to it and had to give it up.

My tip for anyone thinking of taking on a book project for Standard Ebooks is to find your cover artwork and get it approved before doing anything else. They have (justifiably) strict protocols for establishing that the artwork is in the public domain. It’s a laborious process with no guarantee of success. It took me a long time to find something suitable.