SSD Lifetime Left 69% means what?

On my iMac18,3 of 2018 the tool iStat Menus shows me that my SSD has only 69% Lifetime left (see attached jpg).
The iMac has a 120 GB SSD and 2 TB HDD.
I am running (still) High Sierra.

Is there reason to be worried that the SSD might fail in the foreseeable future?
Which software tool would you recommend for checking the health status?

iStat snippet

Meanwhile (2 weeks later) Carbon Copy Cloner reports read errors on iMazing backup files and a few Parallels Desktop and other package files.

Disk Utility does not show any errors.

Anybody around with a suggestion for a reliable disk diagnostics software tool?

Anybody? :grinning:

It’s never been entirely clear to me if this SSD data is accurate. On my 2012 MacBook Air, all I get in that spot is SMART Status Passed. On my 2020 iMac, it also says SSD Lifetime Left 100%.

In short, I don’t know what to say. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about it—if you’re only down to 69% after three years, it would see likely that the SSD will last as long as you want to keep using the Mac.

I’ve certainly heard of (and experienced) SSDs failing, but I’ve never heard of one explicitly hitting end-of-life. It’s possible some of those failures are just that, but I don’t know how we’d know.