Squash Is a Fun Way to Compress Images

Originally published at: https://tidbits.com/2020/01/27/squash-is-a-fun-way-to-compress-images/

Image compression, fun? Realmac Software’s Squash manages to add a bit of joy to a dull class of utilities. Also, there are surprising differences between image compression apps.

You might also consider: Resize Master (in Apple App Store). It offers a lot more options than most compressor apps… and its free.

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Perhaps my graphic needs are simpler than most, but my go-to program for almost anything graphic is GraphicConverter. I think it does everything described here, and a whole lot more.

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Even more useful to me is PDF Squeezer (also in SetApp). It produced excellent tiny versions - much smaller and clearer than my script adds to Preview or PDFpen.

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I tried Squash a while back and did not like it much, but cannot remember why. I’ve been using JPEGmini instead to compress jpeg files. It works well.

Did I miss reading the squashed image quality relative to the original?

I didn’t see @jcenters’s tests, but my understanding is that the compressed image was essentially indistinguishable.

I usually don’t see any loss in quality, but sometimes colors aren’t as rich after compression.