Spotify and Hulu Offer $12.99-Per-Month Bundle

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Spotify and Hulu are teaming up to bundle their music- and video-streaming services together for $12.99 per month. The deal is available now for Spotify Premium subscribers and will be broadly available in a month or two.

This is only available with the Hulu+ads plan, correct!

You also can’t use this bundle and use Hulu to pay for add-ons like HBO Now or Showtime. I subscribe to HBO Now only periodically and found doing it through Hulu easier than other methods. Still, Spotify Premium for half the price sounds enticing.

I’m surprised they don’t have a version for Spotify Premium for Family ($14.99/month for up to five people in a household). Hulu already supports profiles to separate people (it’s actually annoying because the Roku app makes you pick the profile every single time, even when you have only one) and even when people share many musical tastes, they probably would rather have Spotify make separate recommendations and to not have playlists mixed together.

Yes, they’re quite clear about it’s only for the “Limited Commercials” plan, not the “No Commercials” or “Live TV” plans.

Interesting…it looks like Apple will start rolling out original streaming video content next March they are investing $1 billion in developing this year:

Spotify, who recently went public, managed to negotiate reduced rates to publishers on the promise that they would increase their subscriber numbers. But this hasn’t been working out so well for artists, who have never been in love with Spotify anyway:

And Hulu has been a very distant third to Netflix and Amazon in video streaming. So it makes sense for Hulu and Spotify to join forces.