SpamSieve 3.0

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Major upgrade for the spam-filtering utility adds compatibility with macOS 14 Sonoma. ($39.99 new, $19.99 upgrade, 46.4 MB, macOS 10.13+)

FYI. SpamSieve 3.0 under MacOS Sonoma just went crazy on my Apple email. It started sending all my work email in my Microsoft 365 tenant to the SPAM folder automatically without any configuration changes by me. Same thing for my main inbox also. They do note that in Sonoma the functionality changed for Apple Mail, but the explanation was not sufficient for me to understand how to configure it properly (I’ll accept the blame until I know more). I uninstalled it and will only install it cautiously after contacting the author.

Sonoma does not support Mail plug-ins, so if you have a SpamSieve rule enabled in Mail on Sonoma, it will move every message to Junk/Spam without consulting SpamSieve. Normally, there would not be such a rule, because SpamSieve running on Sonoma will automatically deactivate such rules and also advise you to do so at first launch. However, there are some cases when SpamSieve can’t deactivate the rule for you, such as if Automation access has been withdrawn. We have a guide to everything that has changed with Sonoma and also some quick start instructions that just explain what you need to do.

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Thank you, Michael. I uninstalled SpamSieve so I could get my emails without having to look through the spam folder. Can you give me a link to directions on how to install it and set it up from scratch on Sonoma? That would be helpful. Thank you. The link you gave me seem to be for people who had SpamSieve 2 installed on Ventura and have upgraded to Sonoma. I need to start from scratch.

To start from scratch, please see Installing SpamSieve.

Thanks for your help.

By the way, is there a way to configure SpamSieve so that it only scans certain inboxes in Apple Mail rather than all of them?

Yes, please see this page.

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Thank you, Michael, for all your hard work over the years with keeping SpamSieve compatible with the latest versions of macOS. It is an excellent product which saves me a lot of time and hassle. Good job, my friend! :slight_smile:

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