SOS: During CPR

Got a funny one. Yesterday, while participating in a CPR event at the medical school in our Dermatology Clinic, I offered to take over Compressions from the nurse who was getting tired. Compressions are fast and pressure is hard, against the floor (if it’s a training dummy) or the spine if it’s a person. All of a sudden, my Apple Watch v4 started going off with ‘I see you have fallen’ and Should SOS call for help?’ I’ve never seen that before but this was first time to do CPR while wearing an Apple Watch. It was a training drill but nevertheless, the watch attempted to call for help for me. Kind of backwards. Best, Patrick

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I just read somewhere that the beta version of the next watchOS (9.2?) will have a setting where you can report both when fall or crash detection went off when it shouldn’t have or didn’t go off when it should have. Since fall detection began I’ve often thought they should have that. I recently read somewhere else (on reddit I think) about someone who went over their handlebars on a bicycle without a fall detection.

Though in a real situation of performing CPR maybe it won’t be terrible if emergency services are called.

More than once I have slapped with my hand (no vertebrate was hurt), or a bump in the road while driving, I have got the message. It’s disconcerting!

So far I’ve only had fall detection go off twice, and they were both legitimate falls. Once when I slipped down the stairs, once when I stepped into a pothole, turned my ankle, and went down hard. I didn’t need emergency services either time, but i was close. (I’m quite lucky my right knee survived the fall down the stairs - I was carrying a 50 pound bag of ice melt down my bulkhead stairs down into the basement when my left foot slipped and my right foot didn’t and I went down the rest of the way with my right leg essentially folded in half.)


I’ve had the message on a number of occasions, none of which involved me falling.