Socializing Siri: Add Relationships, Teach Pronunciations, and More

(Josh Centers) #1

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Like most small children, Siri doesn’t know how people are related and it often has trouble pronouncing names correctly. Learn how to teach Apple’s personal assistant about relationships, nicknames, and proper pronunciations!

(John Burt) #2

There is no “Siri and Search” or “Siri” or “Search” in the Settings app on my iPhone 6+ running iOS 11. ??

(rlobrecht) #3

This is really useful information. Using Siri in this way is completely non-discoverable.

@John, it’s there on 11.2.1 on my 8+. About 4 or 5 entries beneath General (and off the bottom of the screen at first).

(Adam Engst) #4

Another reason it would be nice if Settings were alphabetized!

(John Burt) #5

iOS 11.4.1 (recently installed).

Under General I have:




Touch ID…




(Adam Engst) #6

That’s freaky—Siri & Search should be right under Sounds.

(John Burt) #7

Interesting article. Mine don’t appear to be alphabetized. I jumped from iOS 8 to iOS 11 in case that helps.

(rlobrecht) #8

Just guessing here, but is your device corporate managed?

(Joseph) #9

One nice trick you didn’t mention: ask Siri to call your mom, and if you haven’t set a contact relationship for your mom, Siri will ask you who your mom is and then if you want her to remember that for the future.

At least I think I remember that happening.

(John Burt) #10

No and never has been.

(mpainesyd) #11

Just noticed a “Linked contacts” field when trying out your tips. What is its purpose?

(Curtis Wilcox) #12

If you go to Settings > General > Restrictions, are Restrictions enabled? If Restrictions are enabled and Siri is not set to Allow (toggle switch is to the right, revealing the green area, as most of the toggles will be), Settings > Siri & Search will not be present.

(Adam Engst) #13

If I’m understanding the question right, I think it’s the difference between selecting an existing contact card for a related name versus just typing in a name there. Most of the time, you’d want to select a contact card if you have one, but if you’re adding small children to someone’s contact card so you remember their names, you probably wouldn’t have a contact card to link to.

(John Burt) #14

Curtis - that did it. I figured Siri was turned Off some place. You found it. Thanks.

(mpainesyd) #15

Ah yes…

Thank you

(John Burt) #16

Apparently I have another switch set wrong somewhere because “Hey Siri” will only work when plugged into power. What an odd process.

(Joseph) #17

That happens when you are in low power mode.

(Adam Engst) #18

In your case, that’s because you have an iPhone 6 Plus, which has to be plugged in to work with Hey Siri. The capability to have it work when not plugged in arrived with the iPhone 6s.

(John Burt) #19

Thanks everyone. It was an interesting article and discussion. The Apple support article was good too. I learned quite a bit all told.

(Adam Engst) #20

Glad to hear it! Siri is simultaneously quite simple and tremendously complex, and it’s not always clear when you move from one of those to the other.