So, buy the new phone with Apple Card 0% financing or

Use carrier financing? The carrier financing (VZW for this sold-soul…;-) seems like the better $ deal but…carrier? … bill adjustments when I don’t trust them as far as I can spit? My instinct is to use Apple Card. Thoughts?

My provider gives me a $300 discount, but over 3 years and only with a certain plan (which I am sure is not my current one)

A quick comparison to help you make your decision is to calculate:

Net Cost = List Price - (Discount x Probability of Receiving Discount)

for each of your payment options.

For example, say a phone is $1,000, a carrier is offering a $200 discount, and you believe the carrier has a 90% probablity of honoring the discount. Then Net Cost = 1,000 - (200 * 0.9) = $820 . Next, do the same for the Apple offer.

The option with the lower net cost is the “better” deal, at least in a quick-and-dirty way.

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These answers, THESE, are why I LOVE being here. You guys just are so linear and rational and provide such real world data and analysis. Gonna go with the certainty of the Apple Card: no interest and 3% off the top.


Not a bad option, but just note that it does reduce your available credit on the card by the amount financed, and the unpaid balance is reported to credit agencies which will ding your credit a few points. (I had an watch I bought that way and was paying off a few bucks a month and when I paid it off in full, my fica score went up by like 20 points.)

I used my Apple Card and will pay it off in full at the end of the month. Since I knew it was likely that I would buy a new phone in 2023 I’ve been saving up. Next sprint I’ll probably replace my 2 iPads so I’m saving up for that. I don’t want to be tied to a carrier so it’s easier to do it this way and pay it off right away.

I agree. I could “save” money by getting a deal from a carrier, but then I’m stuck with them and I hate all their fine print (like they don’t give you cash off the price, but rebate the discount back off each monthly payment so if you leave them early, you lose out on your savings).

I’ve been doing the Apple Upgrade Plan for years now and I really like it. There’s no hit to my credit, it’s interest-free, and I can decide to upgrade every year if I want or skip a year and then the phone is mine to re-sell or give away to a friend after 2 years of payments.

Because I’m essentially renting-to-own, the price includes AppleCare+, which I probably wouldn’t buy, but is good to have if you break the phone. Also, I pay each month’s fee with my Apple Card so still get the 3% cash back from Apple.

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Agree with this strategy. Also if you own your existing iPhone, don’t overlook taking a trade-in from Apple or, maybe better, selling it. I’ve had good luck with BuyBackWorld; they’re currently offering $50 more than Apple for my iPhone 11 Pro. If I decide to spring for the iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max I’ll probably use them again. I don’t know if this pencils out to be better than any carrier plan, but it’s simple and leaves me free of fine print provisions. Oh, and if you trade-in through Apple and use the AppleCard, Apple will first charge your card for the full amount; then, after they receive the trade-in and credit your AppleCard, the 3% rebate on the trade-in amount is charged back, making the sale to BuyBackWorld a little better than the extra $50.

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I’m getting $250 back for my iphone12. I’m happy with that.

A heads up – if you want a certain phone and cannot order for a certain store pickup and can only order for home delivery with a 4 - 6 week delay, GO IN to the store, old school, and ask.

I went in to my store of choice today and they had the exact phone I wanted (15 Pro, Blue, 512gb).

Also, even if the “greeter” says they “don’t have any iPhone Pros”, as happened to me today, when you are actually working with someone, ask them to check the real-time inventory on their sales device (which may be an iPhone or an iPad) – lo and behold, they may have what you want.