Slideshow screensavers fail in Monterey

Standard screensavers such as Flurry work fine, but slideshows (with a folder of GIF and TIFF images I’ve been using across multiple OS versions), whether Photo Wall, Classic, or Ken Burns, simply fail, leaving a black screen. Anyone else seen this?

In response to jburgman’s post, I copied my folder of images for screensaver to my Monterey test machine. The test in the preference pane appears to work correctly, but in normal operation I see the same black screen.

It sounds like the test process assumed that the screen would display the same as the Preference Pane and did not bother to confirm the accuracy of the assumption.

I expect to find all kinds of errors in beta macOS releases, but Monterey is no longer in beta. I am almost ready to use phrases like “lack of quality control” in response to this fault.

Thanks for the response. I also posted the same question on Apple’s discussion boards, and got two responses; one had the same issue with a recent iMac, but no issue with an older MacBook Pro. I’m using a 2020 Intel iMac 27.

My 2108 MacMini also has blank screen for the screen saver when using photos. I figure it is a bug that will get worked out. If that is the only bug I find, I will consider myself a winner!

Thanks. I now have enough confirmation that I’ve posted the issue to .