Siri Apple Watch Reminders not syncing

When I create a Reminder using Siri on my Apple Watch, I will see it on my Apple Watch but not on my iPhone or Mac.

And I don’t find a Reminder app on my Apple Watch. I find Reminders under Notifications on the Watch and I have it set to mirror my iPhone.

Appreciate any tips.

Thank you.

My Apple Watch has a Reminders app. Not sure why the sync is not working for you.

I’ve been having Reminder sync issues for several months now. I’ve double-checked several times to make certain that my iMac, iPad Pro, iPhone 13mini and Watch settings all show up in iCloud, but still must click most separately as complete.

I get reminders on my Apple Watch on the wrong day. It doesn’t happen all the time, but last night my watch gave me a reminder that I had set for tomorrow (so, off by two days). It gave the reminder at the correct time however. But that’s the least of the shortcomings of the Reminders app. You can check off a Reminder as complete, and it comes back a half hour later. That happens all the time. It’s junk. Whoever wrote it and/or maintains it should be fired.

This works fine for me, but syncing can be odd. The important thing is that all devices must be using the same iCloud account.

I don’t believe Reminders can be removed from the Apple Watch. Do you use the alphabetical list approach for apps on the Apple Watch (vs the hex grid)? Change that in My Watch > App View. Then it should be easy to press the Digital Crown and scroll through the apps.

Of course, if all else fails, restarting the watch and iPhone is worth doing.

Thank you.

Found Reminders.

The problem appears to be that I haven’t been able to upgrade to the “new” Apple Reminders app on my Mac OS or iOS. Spent 2 hours both yesterday and Monday with Apple Support. Still in process.

At least we can feel better knowing it wasn’t something simple!