Signatures in posts via email

Still trying to get my e-mail signature to work properly.

I compose in dark mode, send mail to myself, the sig looks perfect.

Coming back from TidBITS, it is a mess. All images are 4 times larger than they were when sent.

The icons preceding my info are also enlarged. But name, address, phone, e-mail are not visible at all.

Highlighted them to make sure I wasn’t missing white letters on a white background, but nope. No data in any of the fields.

What exactly is TidBITS doing with inline images??

Take a look at these screenshots. I have removed the sig from this reply.

It’s hard to know why Discourse is changing the size of things, but it doesn’t really matter too much, since all signatures are unnecessary here and just clutter the discussions. Just turn them off when posting via email, or post directly via the forum instead.