Signal Provides Secure Cross-Platform Replacement for WhatsApp

Originally published at: Signal Provides Secure Cross-Platform Replacement for WhatsApp - TidBITS

Privacy-focused messenging app Signal has been exploding in popularity, and it’s a surprisingly competent replacement for WhatsApp for those Apple users who have been forced to use the Facebook-owned messaging service for cross-platform communications.

What’s the source of the macOS app? Searching for “signal” in the App Store app didn’t present an obvious choice. Search turned up this Download Signal, although many might be reluctant to go this route—having it on the App Store would help. But then most people probably don’t use messaging apps on their computer. My wife, for example, goes to her phone for (i)Messages.

Any further thoughts on linking one’s Address Book?

For anybody who prefers a messenger that doesn’t need your phone number or any other personal data and also keeps its nose out of your contacts, there’s Threema. I also like that they’re not in the US (they can’t be forced to do anything based on the CLOUD act) but in fact from the same country that gave us Swiss bank accounts, and they don’t rely on any external hosting services like Amazon or Google either.

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Go here, click Download for Mac.

Am I glad to use Threema. See for yourself: Messenger Comparison - Threema