Sierra Appe Store update weirdness

I just saw something interesting today. There were two app updates on my 2011 MacBook Air running Sierra (macOS 10.12.16). When I opened the App Store, the update page looked like this:

Clearly, the CSS used to render the page was absent. I quit/restarted the App Store a few times an even shutdown the Mac itself, but no changes.

I can only assume that the App Store doesn’t have a local copy of the CSS used for the updates page but loads it dynamically from an Apple server somewhere and the file is no longer being served.

Has anyone else seen this?

Yes, saw exactly the same thing in High Sierra yesterday. No issues updating a bunch of apps, but Incompatible Updates were all shown when they should not have been.

Same thing, for several weeks now. High Sierra 10.13.6.

I’ve seen other reports of this.

The main useful comment from a friend who would know is that this is not an indication of a security problem with the updates themselves—the CSS of the page is unrelated.