Shuffle songs has stopped working when connected to car

I have just submitted this feedback to Apple…

I recently updated my iPhone SE to 13.2.1 and have found that shuffle songs no longer works when the phone is connected to my car via Bluetooth. I have nearly always selected Library/Songs/Shuffle when I start a journey but after the update it starts playing my albums in alphabetical order. There are only so many times I can stand to listen to Abba’s The Winner Takes All :slight_smile:

Now I have to remember to select shuffle songs on the phone before it connects to the car.

There is a slight chance that a recent service of my car included a software update that changed the way that bluetooth works but this is unlikely as I am using the iPhone screen for the selection.

[Additional info: (selection done before I drive away, of course - it is illegal to touch the screen or hold a phone while driving in Australia!). The car controls only allow pause/play, skip track and volume adjustment so I don’t select songs to play using the car controls]

Hi - I have issues in one of my cars, where it reverts back to song one, unshuffled. Not always. Sometimes every time I start the car, sometimes only the first time of the day, sometimes it doesn’t do it at all.

Have you tried asking Siri to shuffle music once it starts playing? That’s how I do it, simply because it’s easier than going through iTunes.

Things to note:
I have an SE but am still on iOS 12. For me, this has been happening for well over a year.
I started driving this particular car 2 years ago.
I have an aftermarket non-smart deck, so I don’t think it’s doing any updates.

In general, the phones restarting from song one have been all over the internet for quite awhile. I thought it was fixed with one of the updates a year ago and broken a few months later, but later realized I was probably driving a different car during those times, so I feel my issue has more to do with my specific deck. I will be driving the second car again this winter and will be paying more attention to it.

I use BT in both cars. The other two cars I’ve used the phone in were cable connected and I don’t remember having issues in those. I don’t remember having this issue when playing the phone directly in the house or via headphones. Though I’m pretty sure if the phone is restarted, it will go back to song one, unshuffled.