Show time AND DATE on iPhone screen?

Is there a setting (or app) I am missing in iOS that would allow my iPhone (12 mini) to include the date along with the time at the very top as does my iPad?

I am at that happy point in my life where every day is a Saturday, but I do occasionally need to know the date and find it annoying that I have to access the first home screen or the calendar for something so simple.

In the ranking of critical world issues, this obviously ranks near if not at the bottom, so … no answer, no problem. Thanks.


The easiest thing to do is pull down from the top of screen to access the notification screen with the time and date at the top. Push up and your back to whatever you were doing.

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I get that as default on my SE 2020.

Did this change? I’m still on iOS 12 and when I wake up the phone, I have the time in large numbers with Monday, September 6 under it.

Kind of scary how often that comes in handy.


Thanks to all ! I never bother with notifications so I never noticed that pull-down. That’s perfect. And it even includes the day of the week. No more excuses. Jeez! :rofl:

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Reading this with an iPad, it does include day-of-week and date in the top row, next to the time. So Apple know how to do it! :blush:

Now if they would only, finally allow us to add the local current|Hi|Lo temperature, instead of the fleeting, unpredictable, one-look-only ‘Good Morning’ summary screen, why, it’d almost mean they give a rat’s patootie about decade-old, million+ user requests to decrease friction and increase information density.

LOL, who am I kidding; Only Apple and Dye (née Ive) know best.


Swipe to the right from the Home screen and use the weather widget.

Friction. I want as much useful info as possible by just waking the screen.


I had my SO check his up-to-date XR, and tapping it shows time and date.


Some of those who have so far responded are needlessly snarky, and unthinking as well. I will assume the OP was not referring to the Lock Screen, where the date is obvious, or even the Home Screen, which the OP refers to—unless by “the first home screen” they mean the lock screen. Or maybe they would like to see the date while an app is open—as often occurs on an iPad but not on an iPhone.

If you place the calendar app icon on the home page at the top left corner, you will have the date on the home screen because the calendar app always shows the day of week and day of month. It’s only a workaround, but one I use.

However, if you want the date within apps, I have been unable to find any way to make this happen, and wonder if the Minds of Apple decided there was not enough real estate to their liking for including the date on every iPhone page. Just another of those inconsistencies between iPad and iPhone that keeps us on our toes.

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The decision to show/hide the status bar (including the time/date wireless status, battery status, etc.) is up to the app that’s currently running. The developer can choose to show or hide it when laying out each of the app’s screens.

I suppose you could send a bug report to each app that hides the status bar, but I would also assume that most developers will ignore requests like that, since they probably have a reason for their design decision (whether or not you agree with it).

yes, this is the best workaround I’ve found too (though I have mine in the upper right corner). At least it doesn’t move…

The OP was apparently satisfied by being reminded that if you pull down from the top center of the screen, you will expose the Notification screen, which has the date and time. Flicking up from the bottom will return you to where you were.

In the current version of iOS, The time should be displayed in the upper left corner. The top of the screen has that blank area that limits what the status bar can display, so battery percentage and date went bye-bye after the iPhone 8.

You can pull down the notification screen to see the date and time, or use the calendar and clock widget to display the date and time.

Yes, even the smallest widgets take up the space of four icons, but widgets can be stacked upon one another, so maybe you can stack the two upon each other.

Another alternative as shown in the image. Add the calendar app to the dock on the bottom of the screen. It displays the date on the icon. Then, you get the date and time on your Home Screen without using widgets.

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