Should You Delete Your Facebook Page?

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Mark Jeftovic, the outspoken CEO of DNS provider easyDNS, has weighed in on the whole Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal with opinions that are simultaneously harsh and realistic. He starts by equating social media platforms to “The Spew,” a 1994 short story by Neal Stephenson in Wired, and lays out multiple condemnations of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. But then Jeftovic returns to the real question at hand: Should you delete your Facebook page? He recommends keeping business Facebook pages but not relying on them, and he says he’ll keep a personal Facebook page while assuming that anything he posts is completely public and will be used for targeting. But he votes against the mobile Facebook apps, which try their hardest to harvest your contact data.

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This first comment I’ve made is on a darkened screen??? I hardly ever use Facebook for personal use because it always directed me to a portion of their site that is irrelevant to where I entered. I was interested to see that Tonya and Adam seem to have kept the facebook page for TidBits, and I wondered if they intend to eventually keep Tidbits on Facebook? [I hope you can fix the darkened screen that appears when users write replies. It’s distracting – not sure i saw all my possible spelling errors].

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I think the darkened screen is because Discourse was trying to show you your notification indication in the upper right corner. It attempts to teach users about its interface interactively.

We subscribe to the “use but don’t rely on” philosophy for Facebook for the moment. If people wish to learn about TidBITS articles on Facebook, we’ll make that possible, but we don’t do anything exclusively on Facebook. We also wanted to see if our new site would result in more social media sharing, but if it doesn’t, we may reduce our presence on social media even more.