Shortcuts app iOS

I remember awhile back the hoopla about Shortcuts and thought it would be great. My life got in the way and I never researched it. Yesterday I got a popup about new features in the new iOS so I read it and it talked about these great new shortcuts.

I looked in the app store and look, there is an actual app by Apple called Shortcuts!

So that was the groundbreaking thing that came out earlier and now it will be built into the iOS? Which means I shouldn’t download the app yet, right?

Diane - who would LOVE to make siri more useful!

Given that we’re talking about a couple of weeks at most, it’s probably easiest to just wait until you upgrade to iOS 13 so you’re working with the latest version of Shortcuts from the start. That way you won’t have to wonder if any issues you have will be solved by the upgrade.

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That’s what I figured. I just didn’t realize it had been a separate app.