Sharing passwords with family members

What advice do you have for parents who share their iPhone password with their children? Would creating a biometric ID for their child be a good option?


Depends on the kids’ ages, I suppose.

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If you’re going to let your child use your iPhone, I guess you have three options, in increasing level of convenience and decreasing level of security: 1) Unlock it yourself before you hand it to them; 2) Create a Face/Touch ID for them, so they can unlock it themselves most of the time; 3) Give them the password so they can always unlock it. It’s really down to you to determine which is most appropriate in your particular situation.


tangentially related, I know an elderly couple who shared their passwords and email addresses with each other for various services…it has caused them no end confusion, missed messages, unexpected password resets and lockouts.

sharing passwords at any level isn’t a great idea, methinks.