Seven Third-Party Accessories Show MagSafe’s Potential

Originally published at: Seven Third-Party Accessories Show MagSafe’s Potential - TidBITS

Apple designed MagSafe to improve wireless iPhone charging by adding magnets for snap-in-place positioning. The company’s own MagSafe accessories are a mixed bag, but third-party makers have come to the rescue. Julio Ojeda-Zapata tested a handful of MagSafe products that improve the experience.

I will not criticize Apple for omitting a charger because Apple chargers only support one USB connection. Thus they often become ‘throwaway’ items.

In my family 3 of 4 have multiple iDevices – old iPad, current iPad, iPhone, aWatch. Adding third party rechargeable bluetooth headphones further complicates the situation. So our preferred solution is to use an Anker multiport AC adapter chargers with five or six ports. These also work well with stand-alone inverters or built-in AC adapters in newer automobiles. We even keep separate AC cords installed in locations we visit regularly so we don’t have to work to uncover AC receptacles.

In today’s motor vehicles, even a dual-port adapter, such as, reduces dueling-Apple-Play conflicts.